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Monday, 01 May 2017|
17 from 33 selected agricultural commodities recorded SSR more than 100% in 2015
In 2015, total marine fish landings 1,486.1 thousand tonnes
The number of chickens in 2015 was 308.1 million chickens
Oil palm was a major contributor to the GDP of agriculture sector at 46.9% in 2015
In 2015, agriculture sector contributed RM94.1 billion (8.9%) to the GDP
Production of natural rubber 722.1 thousand tonnes in 2015


Monthly Rubber Statistics Malaysia, February 2017

Production of NR in February 2017 increased by 29.5 percent to 86,403 tonnes as compared to previous month. The main contributor of NR production is from smallholding sector which is more than 90 per cent. 

Release Date : Wednesday 12, April 2017 1200

Selected Agricultural Indicators, Malaysia, 2016

Agriculture sector continued to expand in 2015 with a contribution of 8.9 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Oil palm was a major contributor to the GDP of agriculture sector at 46.9 per cent followed by other agriculture (17.7%), livestock (10.7%), fishing (10.7%), rubber (7.2%) as well as forestry & logging (6.9%) in 2015.

Release Date : Friday 30, December 2016 1200

Annual Rubber Statistics

This report presents the statistics of rubber industry compiled from various sources. Data on estates was obtained from the Economic Census 2011 (reference year 2010) whilst information on smallholdings were from agencies involved in the rubber industry. Other data in this report were obtained from internal sources in the Department of Statistics, Malaysia. Among the principal statistics reported are the number of estates, planted area, natural rubber (NR) production, employment, salaries & wages, imports, exports, domestic consumption and stocks.

Release Date : Friday 18, January 2013 1015