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Thursday, 15 November 2018|


My Local Stats Publication 2017

My Local Stats publication consists of two (2) Divisions namely Social and Economic. The Social division contains Basic Information; Population; Housing; Labour Force; Household Income & Expenditure; Education; Health; Welfare Services; Public Safety; Communication and Recreation; Internet and Social Media; and Basic Amenities. Meanwhile the Economic division contains Gross Domestic Product (GDP); Consumer Price Index (CPI); Export & Import; Agriculture; Mining and Quarrying; Manufacturing; Construction and Services.

Release Date : Thursday 26, July 2018 1700

Value added of all economic sector recorded an annual growth rate of 8.1 per cent compared to 2010

The principal statistics of the overall economic sector in 2015 showed significant growth. This is in line with the Gross Domestic Product where the findings of Economic Census 2016 showed an increase in the value added from RM0.7 trillion in 2010 to RM1.0 trillion in 2015. Value of gross output increased 7.5 per cent per year from RM1.7 trillion in 2010 to RM2.5 trillion in 2015. Manufacturing sector was the main contributor to the value of gross output of  RM1.1 trillion, followed by Services (RM964.7 billion), Construction (RM177.9 billion), Mining & quarrying (RM131.1 billion) and Agriculture (RM73.9 billion).

Release Date : Friday 22, December 2017 1700

Output of Malaysia’s SMEs Surged to RM1.0 Trillion for the First Time Since 2003

Findings of the census revealed that in 2015, there were 907,065 SMEs operated in Malaysia, made up of 98.5 per cent to the total. In five years period, there was an increase of 268,275 establishments with annual growth rate of 7.3 per cent. Services remained the largest SMEs contributor at 89.2 per cent, led by Wholesale & Retail Trade (51.2%) and Food & Beverages (20.4%).

Release Date : Friday 29, September 2017 1200

Economic Census 2016: Establishment Statistics

Economic Census 2016 indicated 903,818 establishments operating in 2015. This number of establishments in Malaysia increased as compared to 662,939 in 2010 (EC 2011) with an annual growth rate of 6.4 per cent.

Release Date : Thursday 11, May 2017 1200

Asean: An Important Role In Malaysia's International Trade And Investment

In 2013, Malaysia’s merchandise trade recorded the share of exports of 28.1 percent and imports 26.7 percent between the ASEAN Member states (AMSs).
The exports shares to AMSs of 28.1 percent was the highest followed by China (13.4%) and Japan (11.1%).

Release Date : Thursday 16, October 2014 1200