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Wednesday, 18 September 2019|
Almost 1/3 of CPI contributed by Food & Non-Alcohol Bev.
Consumer Price Index in 2017 rose by 3.7%


Special Release 2 (For Building and Structural Works) July 2018

The Building Material Cost Index (BCI) (without steel bars and with steel bars) for almost all categories of building in all regions showed increases in July 2018 as compared to June 2018. However, the BCI (with steel bars) in Perak for 5 storey and above building (for accommodation) and 5 storey and above building (for office) increased 0.1 per cent respectively as compared to the previous month.

Release Date : Friday 10, August 2018 12:00 pm

Services Producer Price Index First Quarter Of 2017

The Services Producer Price Index (SPPI) is designed to measure the average changes in the prices of services charged by the local services industry in Malaysia on a quarterly basis. This index is the first time issued by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia.

SPPI increased 0.6% in first quarter of 2017 compared to first quarter 2016

Release Date : Monday 15, May 2017 12:00 pm