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Friday, 29 May 2020|

Pertandingan Video Pendek DOSM 2019

Terms and Conditions

  1. Registration free and open for Malaysians.
  2. Video genres: drama, sketch, parody, comedy, infographic, animation and documentary only.
  3. Video must be in Malay or English.
  4. Video duration 2 minutes and resolution at least 720P.
  5. Video format must be AVI, MP4, MKV or WMV.
  6. Participants are required to like and follow the StatsMalaysia and MyCensus2020 Facebook pages and Instagram.
  7. The video should uploaded to the Facebook and Instagram of participants by using #StatsMalaysia and #MyCensus2020.
  8. High trending videos will be shortlisted for consideration of the juries.
  9. More than one participation are accepted for any category.
  10. Video would be copyright of DOSM and have the right to use the video for any promotional and publicity purposes.
  11. The decision of the jury is final and any discussion will not be entertained.
  12. Closing date: November 15, 2019 before 5.00 pm.
  13. For any enquiries please contact Ms. Romiati (03-8885 7736) dan Ms. Amirah Nur (03-8885 7627) or visit www.mycensus.gov.my.
  14. For the detail of registration please visit https://tinyurl.com/Borang-dan-Syarat-Penyertaan.