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Smartphone Applications


Main indicators on Population, Unemployment, External Trade, Consumer Price Index, Industrial Production Index, Manufacturing and Gross Domestic Products are available for access via this mobile app.  The data are available at different frequencies (e.g. monthly, quarterly or annually).  More detailed on these data are linked to the portal.

For the first time, the DOSM introduces statistics at the district level in infographic form that is easier to be understood by all levels of society. The information is introduced through mobile application interactive system that is known as MyLocal Stats. MyLocal Stats will assist users to access statistics up until the district and local levels for the planning of local development.
MyLocal Stats 1.0 provides latest statistics on the number of establishments by district and key sectors for the year 2015, which were obtained from the Economic Census. Besides that, data on birth and death as well as population estimation by district for year 2015 and 2017, respectively are included. 

The data are updated based on Advance Release Calendar. Each time you launch the app, the data will also be updated to your mobile devices to reflect the latest statistical information.  The DOSM’s mobile app is available for free downloading on mobile devices running on Android platforms.



BizCode@Stats is a platform for sharing activity code and statistics classification from DOSM which developed based on International Classification Standards. BizCode@Stats was developed to allow users to get code and description for interactive and mobile.