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2014, petroleum and natural gas accounted 8.4% of GDP

Petroleum and Natural Gas Statistics 2015

Release Date : Friday 22, January 2016 1200

Overall performance

In 2014, value of gross output for the petroleum and natural gas mining industry showed an increase of 3.4 per cent to register RM119.1 billion compared to RM115.1 billion in 2013. The value of intermediate input recorded RM15.5 billion, a decrease of 7.8 per cent from a year ago. Subsequently, value added expanded by 5.4 per cent to reach RM103.6 billion as compared to RM98.3 billion in 2013. 

The value of fixed assets owned in 2014 registered RM239.8 billion, grew by 29.2 per cent as  compared to RM185.5 billion reported in the previous year.

The principal statistics of the petroleum and natural gas mining industry in Malaysia for reference year 2013 and 2014 are illustrated in Exhibit A. 


In 2014, the petroleum and natural gas mining industry posted a total employment of  17,350 persons, an expansion of 6.1 per cent from 16,355  persons in 2013. The number of employees and salaries & wages by category of workers are shown in Exhibit B. 

The managerial and professional category of workers registered the highest contribution in number of employment in this industry with 54.1 per cent or 9,389 persons. This category also received the highest salaries & wages at 72.0 per cent or RM3.5 billion. Next, technicians and associate professionals recorded the second highest number of employment accounted for 28.8 per cent or 4,998 persons.

The managerial and professional category recorded the highest average annual salary with RM378,064 followed by technicians and associate professionals (RM194,181) and production/operative workers directly employed (RM182,916).

The number of employees by academic qualification indicates that employees with Bachelor Degree contributed the highest percentage share accounted for 60.1 per cent (10,428 persons), followed by Diploma or equivalent (19.0%) and STPM or equivalent (8.5%) as shown in Exhibit C.

Male employees continue to record the largest employment in the petroleum and natural gas industry with a share of 74.1 per cent (12,864 persons) as compared to female employees with 25.9 per cent (4,486 persons), as depicted in Exhibit D. 



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22 January 2016

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