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In 2015, Fixed Assets of Manufacturing was RM296.8 billion
In 2015 there were 2,119,158 employees in Manufacturing
Manufacturing Sales value in 2015 was RM1,078.1 billion

Report on the Annual Survey of Manufacturing Industries, 2012

Release Date : Friday 20, June 2014 1200

This report presents statistics compiled from the Annual Survey of Manufacturing Industries conducted in 2013 for reference year 2012. The performance key data in the manufacturing sector for 2012 are presented in this report. A total of 16,078 manufacturing establishments was covered in this survey out of 42,024 establishments in the frame.

Key Statistics of Manufacturing Sector

In 2012, key indicators in the manufacturing sector showed gross output value of RM908.1 billion. The intermediate input recorded was RM703.8 billion, while value added registered RM204.2 billion. Employment was 1,998,075 persons while value of fixed assets was RM204.9 billion (Table A). The contribution of the manufacturing sector to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2012 was 24.2 per cent.

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Employment by Category of Workers and Gender

The manufacturing sector employed 1,998,075 persons in 2012. Paid full-time employees accounted for 1,946,841 persons or 97.4 per cent of total employment. Meanwhile, paid part-time employees and others which includes unpaid family workers, working proprietors and active business partners were 51,234 persons or 2.6 per cent of total employment.  Employment by gender indicated that the number of male workers employed was higher in all categories as compared to female workers (Table B).

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Performance by Sub-sector

Petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic sub-sector was the highest contributor to the gross output of the manufacturing sector in 2012 with a value of RM308.7 billion (34.0 per cent). This was followed by the electrical and electronics, which accounted for RM208.9 billion or 23.0 per cent. These two sub-sectors contributed 57.0 per cent of total manufacturing output. However, in terms of employment these two sub-sectors recorded 42.9 per cent of employees against 57.1 per cent by other sub-sectors as shown in Table C.

Meanwhile, textiles, wearing apparel and leather products sub-sector was the    lowest contributor of gross output with RM12.2 billion (1.3 per cent) and employment of 102,120 persons (5.1 per cent).

Petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic sub-sector also recorded the highest value of fixed assets of RM66.4 billion (32.4 per cent) followed by the electrical and electronics RM40.2 billion (19.6 per cent) and non-metallic, mineral products basic metal and fabricated metal products RM34.3 billion (16.7 per cent). These three sub-sectors collectively contributed RM32.2 billion (64.0 per cent) to total salaries & wages in manufacturing industries.

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Contribution to the Gross Output by Manufacturing Groups

Manufacture of refined petroleum products, manufacture of vegetable and animal oils & fats as well as manufacture of electronic components & boards were the largest contributors to the gross output in manufacturing sector for 2012. All three groups accounted for over one-third or RM372.0 billion (41.0 per cent) to total gross output.

Other major contributors were the manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics & synthetic rubber in primary forms as well as  manufacture of rubber products which recorded a gross output of RM60.0 billion (6.6 per cent) and RM35.7 billion (3.9 per cent ) respectively as shown in Table D.


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20 Jun 2014

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