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International Investment Position, Third Quarter 2020

Release Date : Friday 13, November 2020 1200

Malaysia's international investment position continued to record net assets of RM82.5 billion

Malaysia’s International Investment Position (IIP) recorded a higher net assets position of RM82.5 billion as against RM57.3 billion last quarter, of which total financial assets registered a value of RM1,890.1 billion while total liabilities was RM1,807.6 billion. 

Direct Investment Abroad (DIA) position recorded RM510.8 billion (Q2 2020: RM521.9 billion), mainly contributed by Financial & insurance/takaful activities (43.2%), followed by Mining & quarrying (14.6%) and Agriculture (8.6%). In regards to regions, Asia held the largest DIA position with a share of 51.6 per cent, while Singapore (20.5%), Indonesia (9.3%) and Cayman Islands (7.1%) remained as the top DIA destinations. Meanwhile, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) position in Malaysia registered RM689.1 billion (Q2 2020: RM696.5 billion) of which Manufacturing sector was the highest contributor at RM266.0 billion (38.6%), followed by Financial & insurance/ takaful activities (24.2%) and Mining & quarrying sector (6.1%). Asia remained as the top region with a value of RM372.3 billion (54.0%) and the top FDI countries were from Singapore (21.7%), Hong Kong (12.5%) and Japan (10.8%).

Portfolio investment registered a lower net liabilities position of RM111.9 billion (Q2 2020: net liabilities RM134.6 billion), while Other investment position showed a reduced net liabilities of RM63.7 billion (Q2 2020: net liabilities RM75.3 billion).

As at end of September 2020, Malaysia’s international reserves stood at RM436.4 billion as compared to RM443.0 billion last quarter.


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 DrUzir_Mahidin    Dr_Uzir

13 November 2020


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