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Current account reach RM29.0 billion in 2016
2016 Federal Government Revenue : RM212.4 billion
GNI per capita reached RM37,759 in 2016

Malaysian Economic Indicators: Leading, Coincident & Lagging Indexes February 2017

Release Date : Friday 21, April 2017 1200


Malaysian economy is expected to continue expanding four to six months ahead with the annual change of LI increased 0.8 per cent.

The annual change of Leading Index (LI) which monitors the economic performance in advance increased to 0.8% in February 2017 from 0.5% in the previous month. However, the monthly change of LI registered a decrease of 0.9% in the reference month. The main components that caused the decrease were Number of New Companies Registered (-1.0%) and Expected Sales Value in Manufacturing Sector (-0.8%).

The Coincident Index (CI) which measures the current economic activity, rose 1.3% in February 2017. Capacity Utilisation in Manufacturing Sector (0.6%) and Volume Index of Retail Trade (0.3%) were among the five components that contributed to the increase. The annual change of CI also increased to 2.3% in the reference month as against 1.6% in January 2017. Gross Domestic Product at constant price for the fourth quarter of 2016 continued to expand with a growth of 4.5% as compared to 4.3% in the previous quarter.

The annual change of LI and CI showed an improvement in the current month as compared to the previous month. Concurrently, the level of both Diffusion Indexes remains above 50.0%. This indicates that the economy is expected to continue expanding four to six months ahead.

(The complete indicators on Leading, Coincident and Lagging Indexes are shown in the following Table 4   ).


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21 April 2017

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