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Summary Of Monthly Rubber Statistics Malaysia October 2011

Release Date : Monday 12, December 2011 1201



Production of natural rubber (NR) in October 2011 was recorded at 85,800 tonnes, an increase of 10.4% (8,072 tonnes) as compared to September 2011. Year-on-year, production recorded a decrease of 8.8%. The smallholding sector contributed 94.5% of total production while the estate sector, the remaining 5.5%. The main producers of NR in estates were Negeri Sembilan (22.7%), followed by Kedah (21.3%) and Pahang (15.5%).


Exports of Malaysian NR in October 2011 declined by 0.4% to 78,967 tonnes when compared with September 2011. Comparing to a year ago, exports increased by 1.3%. Standard Malaysian Rubber (S.M.R.) constituted 93.9% (74,142 tonnes) of total exports and from the total S.M.R. exported, S.M.R. 20 accounted the highest, 57.6%.

Malaysia's NR was exported mainly to China (49.2%), followed by Germany (11.5%), Rep. of Korea (4.6%), Islamic Rep. of Iran (3.4%), United Kingdom (3.0%), Portugal (2.3%), U.S.A (2.0%), Netherlands (2.0%) and Turkey (1.9%).


In October 2011, imports of NR was 61,123 tonnes, decreased by 5.1% (3,270 tonnes) when compared with the previous month. Imports recorded an increase of 1.8% (1,079 tonnes) compared to that of the same month last year. The main type of rubber imported was latex concentrate which accounted for 38.3% of total imports in the reference month.

The main supplier of NR was Thailand with a total of 35,239 tonnes (57.7%), followed by Viet Nam 8,565 tonnes (14.0%), Philippines 5,071 tonnes (8.3%), Indonesia 1,377 tonnes (2.3%), Cambodia 1,007 tonnes (1.5%) and Myanmar 882 tonnes (1.4%).


Domestic consumption of NR in October 2011 was 35,394 tonnes, increased by 8.5% compared to September 2011. Compared with that of the same month in 2010, domestic consumption decreased by 6.6%.

The major NR consuming industries in October 2011 were rubber gloves 68.3%, rubber thread 10.5% and tyre & tubes 8.3%. The total consumption of the three industries constituted 87.0% of the overall domestic consumption of NR in October 2011.


At the end of October 2011, stocks of NR held was 139,388 tonnes, increased by 1.9% compared to the level of stocks held in September 2011. Stocks held also went up by 1.0% compared to that of the same month last year.


In October 2011, the average monthly price of latex concentrate was 806.00 sen, dropped 5.7% compared to September 2011. Nevertheless, the average price of latex in October 2011 was 5.5% higher when compared to a year ago.

The price of S.M.R. 20 in October 2011 was 1,261.95 sen, reduced by 7.5% compared to September 2011. When compared to the same month last year, the price of S.M.R. 20 increased by 9.2%.


The total number of workers engaged in rubber estates in October 2011 was 11,053 persons, with number of paid employees totalling 11,049 persons and total salaries & wages paid amounting to RM12.9 million. Month-on-month, the total number of workers engaged increased by 94 persons, whilst year-on-year, it went up by 405 persons or 3.8%.


In October 2011, the ratio of total production to total area tapped was 121.1 kilogram per hectare (kg/ha). Compared to September 2011, productivity recorded an increase of 3.1%. Year-on-year, productivity recorded a decrease of 16.8%.


Data for October 2011 is provisional. The data will be updated based on t he latest available figures and subsequently published in the November 2011 publication.