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19 selected agricultural commodities recorded SSR more than 100% in 2020
In 2019, total marine fish landings 1,455.4 thousand tonnes
The number of chickens in 2019 was 274.3 million chickens
Oil palm was a major contributor to the GDP of agriculture sector at 37.7% in 2019
In 2019, agriculture sector contributed RM101.5 billion (7.1%) to the GDP
Production of natural rubber 639.8 thousand tonnes in 2019

Selected Agricultural Indicators, Malaysia, 2018

Release Date : Monday 31, December 2018 1200


Selected Agricultural Indicators, Malaysia, 2018 contains statistics on economic performance, employment, domestic production and external trade for the agriculture sector. These statistics are presented in three main agriculture sub-sectors namely crops, livestock and fisheries.


The agriculture sector contributed 8.2 per cent or RM96.0 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017. Oil palm was a major contributor to the GDP of agriculture sector at 46.6 per cent followed by other agriculture (18.6%), livestock (11.4%), fishing (10.5%), rubber (7.3%) and forestry & logging (5.6%).


Exports and imports of agriculture sector amounted to RM126,587 million and RM95,218 million respectively with the trade balance of RM31,369 million. Both exports and imports of this sector showed an increase in 2017 as compared to 2016.


The highest production of crops was recorded by fresh fruit bunches (oil palm) at 101,741.0 thousand tonnes, gained 17.9 per cent. Production of natural rubber and pepper also increased by 66.6 thousand tonnes (9.9%) and 1.2 thousand tonnes (4.1%) respectively. Kenaf (dried stem), cocoa beans and paddy showed a decrease.


For  the  livestock  sub-sector,  chicken  recorded  the  highest  number  of  308.3  million as compared to other livestock in 2017. This was followed by duck (10.4 million) and swine (1.6 million). Meanwhile, goat recorded the lowest number of 0.7 million.


Production of brackishwater aquaculture was 324.3 thousand tonnes, rose by 6.7 per cent against 304.0 thousand tonnes in the preceding year. The production of freshwater aquaculture and marine fish landings dropped by 0.8 per cent and 7.5 per cent respectively.


Number of employed persons in the agriculture sector gained by 21.7 thousand (1.3%), from 1,609.9 thousand to 1,631.6 thousand in 2017 and this sector was dominated by males (77.2%).





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