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In 2018, mining and quarrying shared 2.6% of GDP

Annual Economic Statistics (AES) Mining and Quarrying, 2022

Release Date : Thursday 16, March 2023 1200




This report presents statistics on the Mining and quarrying sector acquired from the Annual Economic Survey 2022 for the reference year 2021. The key statistics consists of gross output, intermediate input, value added, number of persons engaged, salaries & wages paid and value of fixed assets.

Performance of Mining and Quarrying Sector

The value of gross output rose significantly in 2021 by 27.9 per cent to RM156.0 billion as compared to  RM121.9 billion in 2020. In line with the expansion of gross output, intermediate input increased by 14.9 per cent with a value of RM30.9 billion. Hence, the value added surged by 31.6 per cent from RM95.0 billion in 2020 to RM125.1 billion in 2021. Meanwhile, the number of persons engaged in this sector marginally declined by 0.2 per cent with 60,983 persons in 2021 (2020: 61,083 persons). The salaries & wages paid, decreased by 9.6 per cent to record a total of RM7.2 billion in 2021 (2020: RM7.9 billion).


The full publication can be downloaded through eStatistik portal.


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16 March 2023


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