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Subnational Statistics Parliament & State Legislative Assembly, 2023

Release Date : Thursday 02, March 2023 1200


  • The parliament of P.102 Bangi recorded the highest number of populations at 691.9 thousand persons followed by P.111 Kota Raja with 526.4 thousand persons and P.104 Subang with 481.1 thousand people.
  • The parliament of P.116 Wangsa Maju in the W.P. Kuala Lumpur become the highest density parliamentary area with a total population of 13,224 persons per square kilometers. This is followed by the parliament of P.100 Pandan in Selangor with a population density of 11,442 per square kilometers. The parliament of P.050 Jelutong in Penang is in third position with 11,361 population per square kilometers.
  • Three parliaments in Selangor recorded the highest number of establishments/ businesses for the year 2023 which is 32,462 establishments/businesses recorded in the parliament P.120 Bukit Bintang followed by P.104 Subang at 30,675 and parliament P.105 Petaling Jaya at 30,271.
  • The parliament of P.034 Setiu has 99.6 per cent of the bumiputera population, followed by the P.038 Hulu Terengganu with 99.5 per cent and P.030 Jeli by 99.4 per cent. The highest Chinese ethnic group was recorded in the parliament of P.114 Kepong with 72.5 per cent, followed by two parliaments in Pulau Pinang namely P.049 Tanjong with 70.6 per cent and P.048 Bukit Bendera with 69.6 per cent. Meanwhile, the highest Indian ethnic group was recorded in the parliament of P.065 Ipoh Barat with 25.9 per cent, followed by P.075 Bagan Datuk with 23.6 per cent and P.111 Kota Raja at 22.3 per cent.
  • The parliament of P.115 Batu show the highest percentage of working age population between 15 and 64 years at 79.2 per cent followed by P.046 Batu Kawan at 78.8 per cent and P.049 Tanjong at 77.6  per cent.
  • Three parliaments with the highest percentage of old age (65 years and over) are parliament P.092 Sabak Bernam at 22.4 per cent, P.093 Sungai Besar at 19.7 per cent and P.095 Tanjong Karang recorded 18.3 per cent of old age population.
  • The parliament of P.125 Putrajaya, P.032 Gua Musang and P.019 Tumpat are the three parliaments in Malaysia that record the highest percentage of young age (aged 0-14 years) population, which are 37.2 per cent, 35.8 per cent and 33.5 per cent respectively.

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2 March 2023


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