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Crime Statistics, Malaysia, 2018

Release Date : Friday 28, December 2018 1200


Crime Statistics, Malaysia, 2018 is the first publication of the Department which presents statistics on five crime areas namely Crimes Index, Drugs, Corruptions, Environments and Other crimes.


Crime index ratio per 100,000 population

Crime index ratio per 100,000 population for Malaysia in 2017 improved to 309.7 as against 2016 (355.2). In 2017, six states recorded crime index above national level namely W.P. Kuala Lumpur (716.9), Selangor (408.6), Negeri Sembilan (356.6), Melaka (339.2), Pulau Pinang (318.3) and Kedah (315.3). Meanwhile, Sabah recorded the lowest crime index for 2017 (157.7).




Crime Index by type of crimes

Both violent and property crimes declined in 2017 as compared to 2016. Violent crimes dropped 4.3 per cent to 21,366 cases while property crimes decreased 13.6 per cent to 77,802 cases.


Drug addicts by state

For the past three years, the number of drug addicts has decreased in four states namely Perak, Melaka, Sarawak and Perlis. On the contrary, four states registered an increasing trend of the number of drug addicts during the same period namely Kelantan (3,700), Terengganu (2,044), Sabah (1,047) and W.P. Labuan (92).



Investigation papers and arrests

In 2017, the number of investigation papers opened by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) recorded a decline of 12.4 per cent to 863 cases. The number of investigation papers for False claims declined by 45.0 per cent to 202 cases from 2016 (367 cases). During the same period, number of arrests made by the MACC declined 6.4 per cent while misuse position posted an increase of 92.9 per cent.


Number of summons issued for black smoke emission by type of vehicles

The number of summons issued for black smoke emission by the Department of Environment, Malaysia in 2017 dropped 23.7 per cent to 326 summonses from 427 summonses in 2016. The highest summons issued was for lorry (268) followed by light truck (38) and bus (12). Meanwhile, only eight summonses were issued for black smoke emission for car/ van during the same period.



The detailed information regarding this publication can be accessed through the  eStatistik application in the website of Department of Statistics, Malaysia, www.dosm.gov.my.


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 DrUzir_Mahidin    Dr_Uzir

28 December 2018


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