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Economic Census 2016: Energy and Utilities Statistics

Release Date : Wednesday 28, November 2018 1200


The value added of the energy and utilities industry increased 3.9 per cent per annum to RM189.4 billion in 2015 as compared to 2010. The Mining and quarrying sector contributed 52.2 per cent value added in the industry. A total of 2,747 establishments were recorded for the industry in 2015 with 221,532 employees and salaries & wages paid amounting to RM16.0 billion.

The manufacturing sector contributed 43.8 per cent of total energy and utilities products produced, valued at RM123.6 billion and accounted for 66.9 per cent or RM125.9 billion of the total energy and utilities products consumed. This shows the manufacturing sector is the biggest producer and user of energy and utilities products. Meanwhile, among the states, Selangor recorded the highest consumption of energy and utilities products in 2015 (RM35.5 billion or 18.9%),  followed  by  Terengganu  (17.6%) and Sarawak (10.6%).

The five economic sectors in Malaysia namely Agriculture, Mining & quarrying, Manufacturing, Construction and Services recorded a total consumption of RM149.9 billion on fuel, lubricants & gas, RM36.0 billion on electricity and RM2.3 billion on water supply in 2015.

In 2015, total exports of energy and utilities products increased to RM125.9 billion and total trade in energy products recorded a surplus of RM40.7 billion.

Every economic unit uses an average of RM74.66 energy products to generate RM1,000 outputs. The Manufacturing sector was the most energy intensive sector, where RM109.52 is required for every RM1,000 outputs. The Mining & quarrying sector is the least intensive energy sector with RM24.03 for every RM1,000 outputs.


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28 November 2018


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