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My Local Stats Publication 2017

Release Date : Thursday 26, July 2018 1700


My Local Stats 2017 is a new publication published by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia. The publication of My Local Stats is published according to state and contains statistics up to the smallest level that is at administrative district.

My Local Stats publication consists of two (2) Divisions namely Social and Economic. The Social division contains Basic Information; Population; Housing; Labour Force; Household Income & Expenditure; Education; Health; Welfare Services; Public Safety; Communication and Recreation; Internet and Social Media; and Basic Amenities. Meanwhile the Economic division contains Gross Domestic Product (GDP); Consumer Price Index (CPI); Export & Import; Agriculture; Mining and Quarrying; Manufacturing; Construction and Services.


Exhibit 1: Brief Content on The Report of My Local Stats, 2017


In addition to the national and state levels, the statistics of My Local Stats by state provide a platform for measuring social wellbeing and economic performance at a more micro level that is at district.

A total of 271 tables encompassing 12 topics under Social and 8 topics under Economics have been compiled as important references for government agencies, private sector, business community, academics, researchers as well as individuals in measuring social wellbeing as well as economic achievements at the national, state and district levels.

These statistics are compiled with cooperation from ministries and agencies with administrative data. For this publication, there are also a time series data that reflects performance, achievement and socioeconomic development at the state level.


Benefitting from digital world as a main platform of statistical communications, My Local Stats can also be accessed through mobile apps and web apps free of charge.


Exhibit 2: Mobile Apps Content, My Local Stats, 2017

For more information on My Local Stats 2017, please visit  www.dosm.gov.my.


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26 July 2018


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Appendix 1: Selected Socioeconomic Statistics, My Local Stats, 2017