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Employment Statistics Third Quarter 2021

Release Date : Thursday 11, November 2021 1200


This publication presents the labour demand statistics based on the Quarterly Employment Survey conducted on formal private sector establishments encompassing major economic activities namely Agriculture, Mining & Quarrying, Manufacturing, Construction and Services. The principal statistics of employment presented in this report are jobs, filled jobs, vacancies and jobs created by economic activity and category of skill.


Labour Demand, Third Quarter of 2021

Total jobs in economic sector in Q3 2021 declined by 66 thousand to 8,406 thousand as compared to the same quarter of the previous year (Q3 2020: 8,472 thousand). The number of filled jobs was 8,232 thousand with the rate of 97.9 per cent while the rate of job vacancies accounted for 2.1 percent with 174 thousand job vacancies. There was 15.04 thousand jobs created in this quarter.

Labour Demand by Skill

In terms of share across skills category, jobs in semi-skilled category recorded the highest share of 62.3 per cent (5,238 thousand). Skilled category ranked second at 24.7 per cent with 2,075 thousand jobs. A total of 13.0 per cent of jobs (1,093 thousand) were in the low-skilled category.

Skilled category recorded 2,075 thousand jobs, rose by 6 thousand from the same quarter of the previous year (Q3 2020: 2,069 thousand) comprising of 98.0 per cent rate of filled jobs (2,033 thousand) and job vacancies of 2.0 per cent (42.1 thousand). Meanwhile, 4.5 thousand jobs were created in this category.

The number of jobs in semi-skilled category decreased by 40 thousand posted 5,238 thousand jobs in this quarter as compared to the same quarter of the preceding year (Q3 2020: 5,278 thousand). Out of this total, 98.2 per cent was filled jobs (5,142 thousand) while 1.8 per cent was job vacancies (95.4 thousand). This category recorded 9.3 thousand of jobs created.

The year-on-year performance of low-skilled category reduced by 2.9 per cent to 1,093 thousand jobs with (Q3 2020: 1,125 thousand). Filled jobs accounted of 96.7 per cent of total jobs (1,056 thousand) while job vacancies rate was 3.3 per cent (36.6 thousand). A total of 1.2 thousand jobs were created in the low-skilled category. 

Labour Demand by Economic Activity

Looking at the breakdown by economic activity, more than half of jobs and filled jobs with a share of 51.7 per cent (4,342 thousand) and 52.4 per cent (4,317 thousand) respectively were in Services sector. Within the same period, Manufacturing sector recorded 2,286 thousand jobs (27.2%) and 2,187 thousand of filled jobs (26.6%). 

The highest vacancies recorded by Manufacturing sector with a share of 56.9 per cent (99 thousand) followed by Agriculture (16.5%; 29 thousand) and Services (14.6%; 25 thousand).

The percentage share of jobs created primarily dominated by Manufacturing sector with 43.9 per cent (7 thousand). Services sector ranked second with 34.9 per cent (5 thousand) and followed by Construction (15.8%; 2 thousand).

The detailed information and technical notes are published in the publication of Employment Statistics, Third Quarter 2021. This publication is accessible and downloadable free of charge through the eStatistik application in DOSM web page, www.dosm.gov.my.


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11 November 2021


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