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Median monthly salaries & wages in 2020 decrease 15.6 per cent to RM2,062
Labour force in Malaysia increased 0.6% to 15.7 million persons in 2020
Female LFPR recorded at 55.3 per cent in 2020

Employment And Salaries & Wages Statistics 2016

Release Date : Tuesday 19, December 2017 1700


In 2015, there were 8.7 million persons working in the formal private sector as compared to 6.9 million persons in 2010. Out of this total, 67.7 per cent (5.9 million persons) were male while 32.3 per cent (2.8 million persons) were female. The paid employees category represented 90.4 per cent of the entire employees in 2015. Most of the paid employees were full-time employees (97.0%) while the remaining (3.0%) were part time employees. In terms of number of employment by skill, semi-skilled workers dominated with a share of  61.9 per cent followed by skilled workers (23.5%) and low-skilled (14.6%). From the perspective of economic activity, the Services sector recorded the highest number of employment, which was 4.8 million persons (54.9%) and followed by the Manufacturing sector with 2.1 million persons (24.3%). Meanwhile, Construction and Agriculture sector recorded 1.3 million persons (14.8%) and 0.4 million persons (5.1%) respectively. The Mining & Quarrying sector recorded the lowest percentage share of  0.9 per cent with 0.08 million persons in 2015.

The total salaries & wages paid in Malaysia in 2015 amounted to RM245.69 billion. The Services sector recorded the highest salaries & wages which was RM131.53 billion with a share of 53.5 per cent, followed by Manufacturing sector with RM65.49 billion (26.7%) and Construction sector with RM32.90 billion (13.4%). Meanwhile, the Mining & Quarrying and Agriculture sectors accounted for RM7.87 billion (3.2%) and RM7.90 billion (3.2%) respectively.


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19 December 2017

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