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In 2018, 416.8 thousand teachers in Government & Government-aided Schools

Children Statistics, Malaysia, 2018

Release Date : Thursday 29, November 2018 1200


This publication presents selected children statistics as the basis to measure the quality of life and well-being of children at the national and state levels. The compilation of statistics in this publication consists of four main fields, namely population, health, education and child protection from administrative data which involved sources of data from various government agencies. Selected children statistics in population and education presented as follows:



Children by age group and sex

In 2018e, the composition of children under 18 years is 29.0 per cent, that is 9.4 million children out of 32.4 million population. The number of male children (4.85 million) is more than female (4.55 million).

Meanwhile, the composition of children under-5 years is 8.0 per cent (2.6 million) of the total population in Malaysia. The number of male and female children is 1.34 million and 1.26 million persons respectively.


Table 1: Population by age group and sex, Malaysia, 2017 dan 2018e


Children by state

W.P. Putrajaya recorded the highest percentage of children under 18 years which is 42.9 per cent of the total population in the state (90.4 thousand). This is followed by Kelantan (36.2%) and Terengganu (36.1%). Meanwhile, Pulau Pinang recorded the smallest percentage of 23.7 per cent. In terms of number, children under 18 years are the highest in Selangor with 1.8 million, followed by Sabah (1.2 million) and Johor (1.1 million).


Exhibit 1: Children (under 18 years) by state, Malaysia, 2018e




Pupils in government and government-aided school

In 2017, enrolment in government and government-aided school were 4,888.6 thousand, dropped 45 thousand from 2016. The decreased was attributed largely by the declined of 28.2 thousands in lower secondary and 15.0 thousands in upper secondary as against 2016. Concurrently, primary enrolment also decreased 5.2 thousand to 2,678.6 thousand as compared to previous year. 


Chart 1: Pupils in government and government-aided school by level of educationMalaysia, 2016 dan 2017


Pupils in private school

The enrolment in private kindergarten, private primary school and private secondary school increased in 2017 which recorded 364.0, 38.5 and 113.8 thousand respectively.


Chart 2: Pupils in private school by level of education, Malaysia, 2016 dan 2017



The detailed information regarding this publication can be accessed through the eStatistik application in the website of Department of Statistics, Malaysia, www.dosm.gov.my.

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29 November 2018


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