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19 selected agricultural commodities recorded SSR more than 100% in 2020
In 2019, total marine fish landings 1,455.4 thousand tonnes
The number of chickens in 2019 was 274.3 million chickens
Oil palm was a major contributor to the GDP of agriculture sector at 37.7% in 2019
In 2019, agriculture sector contributed RM101.5 billion (7.1%) to the GDP
Production of natural rubber 639.8 thousand tonnes in 2019

Supply and Utilization Accounts Selected Agricultural Commodities, Malaysia 2015-2019

Release Date : Tuesday 18, August 2020 1200

Self-sufficiency ratio (SSR) in 2019 showed  24 of the 42 selected agricultural commodities more than 100 per cent

The compilation of SUA includes three categories, namely crops (fruits, vegetables and other crops), livestock and fisheries. In 2019, a total of 42 agricultural commodities was covered and 24 of them recorded self-sufficiency ratio (SSR) more than 100 per cent.


  • Selected Fruits

Supply of eleven fruits in 2019 was sufficient to fulfil the local demands with SSR of more than 100 per cent. Watermelon recorded the highest SSR (161.3%) followed by papaya (153.1%) and starfruit (132.8%). Per capita consumption (PCC) of coconut was the highest with consumption of 22.7 kilogrammes per year followed by durian (10.7 kg / year) and banana (9.5 kg / year).  The highest import dependency ratio (IDR)  was recorded by mango with 73.5 per cent.

  • Selected Vegetable

Seven types of selected vegetables have an adequate supply for domestic needs namely tomato (131.2%), brinjal (119.3%), spinach (112.6%), lettuce (112.5%), cucumber (110.8%), long beans (107.0%) and lady’s finger (104.4%). Round cabbage recorded the highest PCC as compared to other vegetables with consumption of 5.3 kilogrammes per year followed by mustard (4.4 kg / year) and tomato (3.6 kg / year). Chilli recorded the highest IDR with 73.6 per cent.

  • Other Selected Crop

Two out of five other selected crops, namely sugarcane (207.2%) and cassava (100.1%) showed sufficient supply to meet domestic demand.


Supply of chicken / duck egg was sufficient to meet the local demands as compared to other livestock in 2019 with SSR of 113.6 per cent. Meanwhile, the demand on poultry also high with  consumption of 50.9 kilogrammes per year followed by chicken / duck egg (21.3 kg / year) and pork (18.2 kg / year).  IDR mutton  was the highest  with 87.9 per cent.


Production of cuttlefish, shrimp and tuna was sufficient in 2019 with SSR of 109.2 per cent, 102.9 per cent and 101.3 per cent respectively. Mackerel recorded the highest PCC as compared to other fisheries at 5.7 kilogrammes per year followed by shrimp (4.1 kg / year) and tuna (2.7 kg / year).




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18 August 2020


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