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Environmental protection expenditures by industry in Malaysia 2017: RM2.59 billion
2018, emission of pollutants to the atmosphere from motor vehicles: 2.4 million tones
2018, volume of water supplied in Malaysia: 17,174 million litres per day
2018, the scheduled waste generated in Malaysia: 2.4 million tonnes
In 2018, 79 out of 143 rivers are classified as clean

Compendium of Environment Statistics 2018

Release Date : Friday 30, November 2018 1200


The Compendium of Environment Statistics (CES), Malaysia 2018 presents statistics on environment for the period 2013-2017/2018 namely air, water, land and population. The compilation of the statistics includes environmental conditions, impacts of human activities on the environment and actions taken to minimise the impact.

Malaysia is a country which is rich in water resources due to a high rainfall. In 2017, the highest and lowest annual rainfall was recorded at Labuan station (4,938.9 mm) and Kuala Kangsar station (1,955.4 mm) respectively. In addition, Malaysia was also experiencing a warm and humid climate where the highest temperature was recorded at three stations that is Jerantut, Temerloh and Kuala Kangsar with the reading of 32.9oC. The lowest temperature was recorded at Cameron Highlands station (16.1oC).

Iron ore recorded the highest production of metallic mineral amounted 3.92 million tonnes in 2017. The imports and exports of the minerals also recorded the highest value of RM3.27 billion and RM3.86 billion respectively. 

The emission of pollutants to the atmosphere in 2017 were from motor vehicles (70.4%) followed by power plant (24.5%), industrial (2.9%) and others (2.1%).

In 2017, the number of flood incidents recorded was 498 cases. Selangor recorded the highest number of cases with 86 cases followed by Sarawak (64 cases) and Pahang (61 cases).

Dengue fever has recorded 83,443 cases in 2017 without involving death cases. However, hemorrhagic dengue fever recorded 406 cases with 177 deaths while malaria fever recorded 4,114 cases with two (2) deaths.

The industrial player also takes part in reducing the impact of pollution on the environment. Based on the Economic Census 2016 (reference year 2015), RM2.6 billion has been spent on protecting the environment with the manufacturing sector being the largest contributor of 73.6%.


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30 November 2018


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