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Thursday, 20 February 2020|
Environmental protection expenditures by industry in Malaysia 2014: RM2.2 billion
2015, emission of pollutants to the atmosphere from motor vehicles: 2.1 million tones
2015, volume of water supplied in Malaysia: 16,159 million litres per day
2015, the scheduled waste generated in Malaysia: 2.9 million tonnes
In 2015, a forested area in Malaysia was 18.3 million hectares

Report on the survey of Environmental Protection Expenditure, 2014

Release Date : Tuesday 20, October 2015 1200



Environmental Protection Expenditure

1.       By Sector

In 2013, a total of RM2,236.7 million was spent for environmental protection. The manufacturing sector was the highest contributor for environmental protection expenditure amounting to RM1,328.5 million (59.4%) while the agriculture, forestry & fishing sector recorded the lowest at RM75.3 million (3.4%).

Environmental Protection Expenditure by Sector, 2013


2.       Capital and Operating Expenditure by Sector

Capital and operating expenditure each represents 32.5 per cent (RM727.1 million) and 67.5 per cent (RM1,509.5 million) of the total environmental protection expenditures. The manufacturing sector was the largest contributor to both the expenditure of RM521.0 million (71.7%) of the capital and RM807.5 million (53.5%) for the operating, followed by services RM151.4 million (20.8%) and RM275.0 million (18.2 %).

Capital and Operating Expenditures On Environmental Protection by Sector, 2013


3.       By Type of Expenditure

The expenditure for waste management was the highest at RM553.5 million (24.7%) followed by pollution prevention expenditure RM547.3 million (24.5%),environmental monitoring RM490.1 million (21.9%) and pollution abatement & control RM356.5 million (15.9%). The remainder was the other expenditures at RM289.2 million (12.9%).

Environmental Protection Expenditure by Type of Expenditure, 2013





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20 October 2015

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