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Construction sector recorded value of gross output RM204.4 billion in 2017
Value of gross output for civil engineering sub-sector was RM63.7 billion in 2017
In 2017 1,330,266 persons engaged in construction sector

Quarterly Construction Statistics, Third Quarter 2021

Release Date : Thursday 11, November 2021 12:00 pm
Last Updated : Wednesday 15, June 2022 09:35 am


The value of construction work done in third quarter 2021 contracted by 21.0 per cent to RM24.8 billion

The value of construction work done turned negative 21.0 per cent (Q2 2021: 42.6%) year-on-year to RM24.8 billion (Q2 2021: RM28.2 billion) in the third quarter 2021. A quarter-on-quarter comparison also showed the value of construction work done contracted by -12.2 per cent from the previous quarter.

The three major construction subsectors, namely Civil engineering, Residential buildings and Non-residential each contracted -29.7 per cent, -24.9 per cent and -10.4 per cent respectively, as compared with the same quarter 2020. However, the Special trades activities subsector bucked the trend, grew at 21.0 per cent in the third quarter 2021 as compared to the same quarter last year.

The value of construction work done is dominant by Civil engineering subsector since fourth quarter 2015 with 40.7 per cent share. This  followed by Non-residential buildings (27.2%), Residential buildings (23.3%) and Special trades activities (8.8%).

The private sector continued to impel the construction activity with 55.2 per cent share or RM13.7 billion of the total value of construction work done, as compared to the public sector with 44.8 per cent share (RM11.1 billion).


The full publication of the Quarterly Construction Statistics, Third Quarter 2021 can be downloaded through  eStatistik portal.


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11 NOVEMBER 2021


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