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Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
At the United Nations Millennium Summit held in New York in September 2000, world leaders committed to strengthening global effort for peace, democracy, good governance, and poverty eradication.

The Millennium Declaration made a strong commitment to the right to development, to gender equality, to eradicate poverty, and to sustainable human development.

Consists of 8 goals, 16 targets and 65 indicators

Social Statistics
The Social Statistics was a compilation of social statistics from the publication of Social Statistics Bulletin. This publication consists of nine topics which are population, housing, education, health, welfare service, public safety, employment, communication and recreation, and area.

As a beginning, five topics were covered in this database which is education, health, welfare service, public safety, and communication and recreation.

Consists of 5 topics and 36 indicators

Children Statistics
Children Statistics was compiled to provide a perspective regarding children's situation in Malaysia for decision makers in preparing policies. This compilation is consistent with the current needs of statistics in national and international level.

Consists of 4 topics and 56 indicators


Gender Info
Gender Info is a gender-related statistics published by publications Statistics Gender. This publication covers several topics such as population, health, education, employment, decision-making, violence against women and migration.

As a prelude to this Info Gender, population-related topics will be published.



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