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Besides handling data requests what other services are provided by DOSM?

At the moment DOSM only provides industrial or practical training for students of higher learning institutions in Malaysia. The applicants are required to follow this guideline:      

Industrial Training Guideline

  1. The application is open to Malaysian students only.
  2. The training is open to students undertaking certificate, diploma and degree levels in the field of statistics, economics, mathematics or information technology.
  3. Application, resumes, referral letter from the respective colleges/Universities and academic transcript should be forwarded to the Strategic Communication and International Division, Department of Statistics Malaysia at least three months prior to the date of the training.
  4. Allowance as per Circular JPA(L)S. 175/4/4-2 Klt.4(21) are limited. Thus, some will be offered placements without allowances.
  5. Students are required to submit a copy of their Industrial Training Report to the Department upon completion of the industrial training.
  6. Applications are be forwarded to:

       Strategic Communication and International Division,
       Department of Statistics Malaysia,
       Level 7, Block C6, Complex C,
       Federal Government Administration Centre,
       62514 Putrajaya.

       Fax: 03 - 8888 9248
       E-mail: info@dosm.gov.my