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Sunday, 22 October 2017|

Labour Force and Social Statistics

  1. Where can I find information on statistical concepts, data methodology and definitions and related statistical information on Labour Force?
    You may visit the metadata section under labour force survey to find out more about statistical classifications, concepts, definitions and methods adopted by Department of Statistics, Malaysia.
  2. What is the definition of employment and unemployment?
    • Employed
      All persons who, at any time during the reference week worked at least one hour for pay, profit or family gain (as an employer, employee, own-account worker or unpaid family worker). Also considered as employed are persons who did not work during the reference week because of illness, injury, disability, bad weather, leave, labour dispute and social or religious reasons but had a job, farm, enterprise or other family enterprise to return to. Also included are those on temporary lay-off with pay who would definitely be called back to work. Employed persons at work and who had worked less than 30 hours during the reference week because of the nature of their work or due to insufficient work and are able and willing to accept additional hours of work are considered underemployed but are nevertheless included in the "employed" category.
    • Unemployed
      The unemployed are classified into two that is the actively unemployed and inactively unemployed. The actively unemployed include all persons who did not work during the reference week but were available for work and actively looking for work during the reference week. Inactively unemployed persons include the following categories:
      1. persons who did not look for work because they believed no work was available or that they were not qualified;
      2. persons who would have looked for work if they had not been temporarily ill or had it not been for bad weather;
      3. persons who were waiting for result of job applications; and
      4. persons who had looked for work prior to the reference week.
  3. How is the unemployment rate is calculated?
    Unemployment rate is computed by using the formula below: