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MyStats 2021 Scientific Papers

Parallel Session 1 (PS1):
 Session 1(a): Optimising Potential of Granular Data in Evidence Based Decision Making
1.  Nowcasting Private Consumption with Credit Registry Data
 (Zhong Fei Ong et al., BNM)
2.  A Borrower-First Approach to Multi-Period Household Stress Tests
 (Aaron Luke et al., BNM)
3.  The Importance of Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes
 (Nur Nabila Nazwa Abu Bakar et al., DOSM)
 Session 1(b): Emerging Statistical Models, Methodologies & Application
1.  An Empirical Study on the Returns to Scale of Malaysia’s Manufacturing Sector
 (Rozita Misran et al., DOSM)
2.  Analysis of Malaysia Input-Output Table At Constant and Current Prices
 (Nurul Naqiah Mansor et al., DOSM)
3.  A Case Study of Malaysia’s FDI in Manufacturing sector towards Exports of Electrical and Electronics (E&E)
 (Noraniza Ibrahim et al., DOSM)
 Session 1(c): Computing Platforms for Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
1.  An alternative local crescent moon visibility criteria: A case study of teluk kemang, Malaysia
 (Zuhaili Mohd Nasir et al., UM)
2.  Data-Driven Approach using Modin: A Scalable Parallel Processing for Larger Dataframes
 (Ahmad Najmi Ariffin et al., DOSM)
3.  Application of Topological Data Analysis and Machine Learning to Flooding Events in Nigerian Zones
 (Felix O. Ohanuba et al., USM)


Parallel Session 2 (PS2):
 Session 2(a): Optimising Potential of Granular Data in Evidence Based Decision Making
1.  Estimates of Poverty Rates Post COVID-19 Pandemic in Malaysia
 (Muhamad Hilmi Abdul Rahman et al., UM)
2.  Labour Market Information: The Development of Job Market Insights in Malaysia Context
 (Betty binti Hasan et al., DOSM)
3.  Managing and Leveraging on the Benefits of Data Flows in the Financial Sector
 (Chuah Lay Lian, BNM)
 Session 2(b): Data Intelligence: Transforming Statistics to Meaningful Insights
1.  Repercussion of Covid-19 Towards Market and Command Economic Points in Sarawak
 (Anisa Mohammad Azahari et al., DOSM)
2.  Public Maturity Assessment on Official Statistics (PMAOS): Using Web Analytics to Understand Insight of Perception Developed by Media and DOSM User Needs
 (Jamaliah Jaafar et al., DOSM)
3.  Unemployment News Type in Malaysia By Topic Modelling and Cluster Analysis Approach
 (Faiza Rusrianti Tajul Arus, DOSM)
 Session 2(c): Developing Niche Roles as Statistician and Data Scientist
1.  What does it take to be a data scientist in the public sector financial services industry?
 (Dr. Chiung Ching Ho, BNM)
2.  Developing Data Scientists of the Future
 (Grace Ngu Sook Ern et al., PETRONAS Digital Sdn. Bhd.)
3.  Quantifying the Impact of the U.S. Balance Sheet Policy on Financial Condition in Malaysia using a Newly Developed Financial Condition Index
 (Yee Ling Pang et al., UMS)