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Plenary Session

Plenary Session
Census Shapes Nation’s Future

Data and statistics has always been an important part of nation building and strategic planning. As the world becomes more digitally engaged and inter-connected, the role of data is becoming even more crucial. Realising this, both government and non-government organisations start to shoulder the responsibility of collecting, analysing and disseminating data in order to propel their operations on a data-driven agenda.

Most countries in the world are undertaking the exercise of population census this year, notwithstanding Malaysia, with the operation of Population and Housing Census 2020 taking place since July 2020. In conjunction with this, the plenary session gathers change makers from Malaysia and abroad to discuss the importance of data and statistics in shaping the future, in the context of each of the panelist’s domain of expertise. Specifically, the session will touch on the important part of each and every one as an individual and an organisation to provide data that are of quality and integrity, as granularity of the information produced by the national statistical system actually begins with us. The session will also discuss how population data is useful for current and future strategic planning. Moving forward, the collected data from the decennial census will become the baseline for users to make data-driven decisions and to build on using other available data. Finally, it is hoped that panelists can share their thoughts on their roles to contribute to the statistical system through knowledge and data sharing.

Among others, the session is hoped to inculcate data-driven society not only as data users, but as data providers; as well as spark ideas of smart collaborations to produce accurate and timely data.

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