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1. Relationship Between Exports and Private Final Consumption Expenditure to Economic Growth in Malaysia
2. The Pollution Haven Hypothesis and Foreign Direct Investment in Malaysia: An ARDL Approach
3. Utilising Business Tendency Survey Results for GDP Estimates
4. Forecasting Prices of Fish and Vegetables Using Web Scraped Price Microdata in Malaysia: An ARIMA Approach
5. Factor Associated With Hypertension Adults Among Malaysian Adults:An Approach Using Complex Sample Ordinal Regressio
6. Food Balance Sheet and ASEAN Food Security Analysis
7. Relationship Between Domestic Tourism Expenditure and GDP : A Case Study of Malaysia
8. Gender Earning Differentials Among Malaysian Paid Employee
9. Social Accounting Matrix: The Compilation and Construction of Malaysia Framework
10. Komunikasi Statistik di Media Sosial DOSM: Isu dan Cabaran
11. Kemudahan & Perkhidmatan Bagi Menepati Keperluan Warga Emas Di Negeri Johor Menjelang 2020
12. Kajian Penglibatan Pekerja Bukan Warganegara dalam Sektor Pembuatan
13. Environmental Protection Expenditure Are the Business Concern
14. Silver Tsunami of Malaysia Preparing for the Impact of Population Ageing



1. The Contribution Of Capital Of Local And Foreign Owned Firms For The Manufacturing Sector In Malaysia
2. Vulnerability To Urban Pverty: Profiling And Modelingthe Determinants Of Poverty Among Urban Households In Malaysia
3. Linkages Analysis Of Malaysian Construction Sector
4. An Empirical Analysis of Islamic Banking and Economic Growth in Malaysia
5. Functional Analysis of Industrial Clusters in Malaysia
6. The Impact on Macroeconomic Variables on GDP: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia
7. Outlier Detection Using Generalized Linear Model In Malaysia Breast Cancer Data
8 Regression Analysis of Value of Construction Work Done
9. Kajian Penggunaan Variable, Berdasarkan Borang Soal Selidik Agensi
10. Empirical Analysis On Factors Influencing The Household Debt In Malaysia
11. Kajian Rantaian Sektor Pembuatan serta Milikan Asing dan Tempatan di Malaysia, Tahun 2005 dan 2010
12. The Journey on the Development of System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) Physical Supply and Use Table (PSUT) – Energy Account, 2010 (MySEEA PSUT-Energy)
13. Domestics Tourism Survey (DTS): Malaysia's Experience Towards Measuring Tourism Statistics
14. Comparative Analysis And Modelling Of Household Consumption Expenditure In Malaysia
15. StatsDW Analytics: Does Services Lead Malaysia Economy Growth?



1. Ageing in Malaysia and Challenge for Economic Growth
2. Urbanisation and Urban Growth in Malaysia
3. Supply & Utilization Account for Agriculture Commodities
4. Under Reporting of Primary Enrolment in Malaysia
5. The Extension of Working Age in Labour Force Analysis: Is Malaysia Ready?
6. Malaysia Statistical Business (MSBR): How old are there?
7. Sampling Modernization – Substratafication
8. A study on the training effectiveness in School of Methodology, Research And Quality, ILSM
9. Wages and Labor Productivity: Panel Data Analysis
10. Productivity and Salaries & Wages in Manufacturin Sector: Cointegration and Casaulity Evidence foR Malaysia
11. Rate of Direct Investment Return: Malaysia's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Versus Direct Investment Abroad (DIA)
12. The Impact on Implementation of Goods For Processing Sent Abroad (GFP) and Manufacturing Services (MS) in Malaysia's Gross Domestic Product
13. Using Xml Data Format To Load And Extract Data Between Two Different Types Of Databases:
A Study Case Of Development Customer Price Index (CPI) Application
14. Applying GSBPM in the National Enterprise-Wide Statistical System (NEWSS)
15. Statistics Data Warehouse: Towards Strealining the Data Management
16. Measurement of Core Inflation
17. Modernization in Data Collection of Prices Using Tablet PC for Improving Prices Collection in Department of Statistics Malaysia, Negeri Selangor
18. Impact of the Geographical Coverage on Household Income Survey Indicator in Sabah
19. Malaysia Economy – Where are we?
20. B40: What Statistics' Say
21. Overweight Among Primary School-Age Children in Malaysia
22. Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW), Ministry of Health Malaysia Experience