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Data Terms of Use of Data

Data Terms of Use of Data:

To materialize the government's intention for the public sector to implement the open data initiative stated through the Cabinet Meeting in 2014, DOSM strongly supports the data sharing policy to improve the government's service delivery system more easily, quickly and transparently while promoting the country's digital economy growth. This is subject to the Government Open Data Terms of Use 1.0.

Through this portal the department provides data and authorizes the use of data without any charge worldwide, continuously and not exclusive for the content available on this portal for the purpose of (i) copying, publishing, distributing and transferring data; (ii) data adaptation; (iii) use the data commercially and non-commercially; and (iv) combine data with other data or summarize data in a product or application. This refers to Data Freedom of Information Practices.

If the user performs any of the above or the user removes any content from this portal whether original or reworked, the user shall:

i. mention the data source in the products or applications based on the statement as follows:
“Data source: Department of Statistics Malaysia”
ii. only use the data in a lawful manner and subject to the laws applicable at the time;
iii. ensure that no analysis or transformation of the data is presented in any way by suggesting or likely to lead to;
iv. the belief that data analysis or transformation is associated with the department;
v. discontinue the use of data and remove from any form of application or publication or portal at the request of this department if the data is no longer available on the department's portal or violates any of the applicable conditions;
vi. do not use the data to intentionally mislead; and
vii. does not show or use data as if proposed by the department or this department supports the user or the data used or processed by the user.