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Household Income Survey (HIS) first implemented in 1973 and last in 2016.

Basic Emenities Survey (BA) conducted with HIS in 1987 and aimed at obtain the information on basic amenities enjoyed by households.

Household Expenditure Survey (HES) first implemented in 1957/58. The last survey was conducted in 2016.

HIS/BA was conducted twice in every five years as input to goverment and user, while HES implemented every five years.

In line with the goverment’s current needs and requirements to evaluate the effectiveness of policy programme and strategies, HIS/BA and HES become the essential inputs needed in the short period.

Hence, for 2014, 2016 and 2019 this two survey are combined and conduct simultaneously known as Household Income, Expenditure and Basic Amenities Survey (HIES/BA).