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MyStats 2020 Scientific Papers

Parallel Session 1 (PS1):
 PS1(a): Integrated Statistics for Strengthening Statistical System
1.  Determinants of Starting Salary of Bachelor’s Degree Graduates: A Case Study
 (Nora Mohd Basir et al., UiTM)
2.  Human Population Projection in Malaysia Using Bayesian Probabilistic Method
 (Asmida Mustafa et al., UM)
3.  Modelling Determinants of Pension Cost: New Evidence from Malaysia
 (Muhammad Irfan et al., UM)
 PS1(b): Financial and Economic Statistics
1.  Uncertainty and Exchange Rates - Global Dynamics
 (Suah Jing Lian, BNM)
2.  Access to Alternative Financing Sources Among SMEs in Malaysia
 (Lim Ree-Ann et al., UM)
3.  Causal Relationship Between International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
 (Maryam Yousefi Nejad et al., MSU)
 PS1 (c): Modernization in Statistics
1.  Leveraging Open API: Interchange Network Data for Urban Access to Health Services
 (Ahmad Najmi bin Ariffin, DOSM)
2.  An Outlier Detection Method for Balanced Replicated Linear Functional Relationship Model
 (Azuraini Mohd Arif et al., UPNM)
3.  UiTM Happiness Index Model (UHI): Methods, Analytics and Challenges
 (Zamalia Mahmud et al., UiTM)


Parallel Session 2 (PS2):
 PS2 (a): Modernization in Statistics
1.  Risk Characteristics of Aggregate Discounted Claims with Copula Dependent Weibull Inter-waiting Time
 (Sharifah Farah binti Syed Yusoff Alhabshi et al., UKM)
2.  Toda-Yamamoto Causal Analysis between Health and Economy: Evidence from Malaysia
 (Dr. Wong Sing Yun et al., Institut Sinaran)
 PS2(b): Financial and Economic Statistics
1.  How Much Earnings Loss for Being Ended in Overqualified Jobs? Evidence from Salary and Wage Survey, 2010 - 2016
 (Zainizam bin Zakariya et al., UPSI) 
2.  If Yuan Sneeze, Will Ringgit Malaysia be Affected?
 (Wan Rahifah Wan Ramli et al., DOSM)
3.  Malaysia’s Response and Action to the Labour Market Situation from the Impact of Economic Crisis
 (Muhammad Shafiq Harun et al., DOSM)
 PS2(c): Integrated Statistics for Strengthening Statistical System
1.  The Challenges and Solutions of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  Data Coordination and Integration in Malaysia
 (Nur Azah Afnan binti Hanafi et al., DOSM)
2.  Determinants of Malaysia’s Exports of Personal Protective Equipment
 (Lee Siu Ming, Penang Institute)
3.  Determinants And Changes Of Labour Force Participation In Malaysia: A Case Study On Gender Perspective In Years 2011 - 2016
 (Lim Bao Man et al., USM)