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Core Value

In realising the DOSM's vision, mission and objectives, all members of DOSM should comprehend and observe the core values as follows:

   (i)   Customers' Satisfaction
  • Provide friendly and professional services to the users. Be responsive to customer needs in a dynamic environment.

   (ii)  Professionalism
  • Embrace professionalism in carrying out duties with high commitment, responsibility and persistent as well as wisdom, creative, innovative, competitive, proactive and perform based on the best statistical practices.
   (iii) Competent
  • Emphasise on competency towards enhancing knowledge and skills to achieve the best quality, acquire various skills to perform multi-tasks, attentive to current changes, be disciplined, spiritual and dedicated to work and continuous learning.

   (iv) Integrity and accountability
  • To perform duties with high integrity, sincerity and honesty according to the regulations and work procedures without personal interest, ensure the confidentiality of respondent's individual information and be responsible.

   (v)  Esprit de corps
  • Involvement of all the staff as a team.

   (vi) Good conduct and Credibility
  • Observe good values such as being just and fair, tolerance, friendly, patience, firm and consistent in decision making, adaptable to all situations, able to listen to comments and criticisms and always have good personalities and courteous.