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Plenary Session

Plenary Session

Dealing with Uncertainties: Unearthing Measures for Recovery

The critical situation of the spread of COVID-19 since 2020 has caused the global community to face various crises, especially financial, economic and social. The focus of most countries in the world, including Malaysia, is to restore every segment of the country's socio-economics, such as strengthening business capabilities and the health system to be more resilient in facing future challenges.

Pursuant to the National Recovery Plan, Malaysia has now entered the transition phase to endemic starting from 1st April 2022 following the success of preventive management and public health control measures in containing the spread of the COVID-19 infection in the country. This phase transition is an important cause for the reopening of economic activities and national borders completely. In the face of economic uncertainty and difficulties in making business strategies during the pandemic, this phase shift is also expected to elevate confidence to the local businesses in planning a more thorough business strategy and subsequently attract foreign direct investment to invest in this country.

The government's efforts in re-stimulating the country's economic growth momentum to be more inclusive, sustainable and balanced, can be seen in the 2022 Budget goals which supports three main pillars, namely strengthening recovery, fostering resilience and driving innovation. Therefore, this session will explore the importance of data and statistics in providing insights and solution from a scientific point of view regarding appropriate strategies and initiatives to alleviate the uncertainty of the recovery environment, especially from an economic, financial and social point of view. This session will also discuss recovery strategies and initiatives that can be applied using data and statistical analysis methods as a guide and gain insights to deal with the issue of economic recovery uncertainty in the country.



YBhg. Dato' Sri Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin
Chief Statistician Malaysia


YBhg. Datuk Dr. Mohd Gazali Abas
Professor of Practice
Faculty of Economics and Management
National University of Malaysia
Dealing with Uncertainties: My Perspective 


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