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MyStats 2021 Posters

Subtheme 1: Optimising Potential of Granular Data in Evidence Based Decision Making
1.  Multinomial Logistic Modelling in Explaining The Relationship Between Marital Status and Other Demographic Factors
 (Mohd Afzainizam Abdullah, DOSM)
2.  Measuring Potential Labour Force in Labour Underutilisation
 (Ahmad Thawrique Mohd Taufan et al., DOSM)
3.  Granularity in Data is Key to Effective Decision Making 
 (Malathi Ponnusamy et al., DOSM)
4.  The Impact Of Movement Control Order (MCO) On the Manufacturing Sector In the State of Perak, Malaysia 
 (Nur Aizatul Hajar, DOSM)
5.  The Importance of Granular Data in Decision Making and The Challenges To Obtained It In A State of Kelantan: Case Study on Poverty Issue in Kelantan 
 (Syamaizar Razali et al., DOSM)
6.  The impacts of pandemic COVID-19 on job mobility in Malaysia
 (Fasehah Hashim, DOSM)


Subtheme 2: Emerging Statistical Models, Methodologies & Application
1.  Analysis of Student’s Acceptance on Online Distance Learning (ODL) using RM MANOVA
 (Tengku Mardhiah Tengku Jalal et al., UiTM Kelantan)
2.  Using Two-Step Least Squares Method to Estimate the Effect of Education Policy on Student Outcomes
 (Sarimah Surianshah, UMS)
3.  Enhancement of Crescent Moon Images using Histogram Equalization and Gamma Transformation Method
 (Nur Afifazri Nazaruddin et al., UM)
4.  Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) to Air Transport Activities in Malaysia 
 (Mohamad Ariff Ali et al., DOSM)
5.  Prevalence and Socio-Demographic Correlates of Depression During The COVID-19 Pandemic 
 (Idari Ismail et al., DOSM)
6.  Edge Detection of Crescent Moon Shape from Local Dataset
 (Syed Ali Syed Ahmad Yunus et al., DOSM)


Subtheme 3: Data Intelligence: Transforming Statistics to Meaningful
1.  Classification of Edible Bird’s Nest by using Logistic Regression Model with Mineral Ratio Approach
 (Ang Kah Ming)
2.  Oil Price Shocks And Economic Structure: The Analysis On The Optimal Monetary Policy
 (Lim Kah Boon et al., Multimedia University)
3.  Comparison of Predictive Models in Determining The Factors That Affecting Unemployment in Malaysia
 (Nur Hijrah Kamarudin, et al., DOSM)
4.  Anomaly Detection in Time Series Data: A Review on Transformation and Challenges
 (Wong Hui Shein et al., University College of Technology Sarawak)
5.  Performance Between ARIMA and Deep Learning Approach LSTM-RNN: Based on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
 (Saiful Izzuan Hussain et al., UKM)
6.  Length of Hospital stay for Elderly Patients with Respiratory Diseases: Comparison of Cox Proportional Hazards Model and Parametric Models Proportional Hazards Model and Parametric Models
 (Siti Wafiah Hanin Mohd Zulkifli et al., UKM)
7.  An Analysis of Wage Difference between Gender in Malaysia Labour Market
 (Mahdir Bahar et al., DOSM)
8.  The Impact of COVID19 to Value-at-Risk evaluations for Selected Global Financial Stock Markets
 (Jiang Yuhan et al., Xiamen University Malaysia)
9.  Revisiting Malaysia’s Doctor to Population Ratio: Do We Need More Doctors?
 (Rabi’atul’adawiah Shabli et al., DOSM)
10.  Identifying spatial outliers in river network data: Klang River water quality data in 2019
 (Nur Fatihah Mohd Ali et al., UM)
11.  The Government Stimulus Package (Electricity Discount) during Movement Controlled Order (MCO) and the affect to Consumer Price Index
 (Siti Faizah Hanim Md Matar et al., DOSM)