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Forum Session

Data Revolution: Transformation in the Digital Age


Technological advancement presents opportunities for the national and global statistical systems to evolve. Emerging data sources following the rise of digitalisation are said to be complements or even replacements to the regular surveys and censuses implemented by national statistical offices and administrative records compiled by agencies. In spite of all the potentials, these new data sources come with their own sets of challenges, namely being scattered everywhere as well as being complex and unstructured.

With the increased requirements of data, how do we ensure that we deliver accurate and comprehensive information? How do we push for technological developments in our organisations, when skills are scarce and expensive? Yet, how do we still preserve our users and customers’ trust in terms of data security? These are a few of the questions the session is hoping to answer. This session will bring together panelists whom are directly involved in production of statistics in their respective organisations. The session will dwell on data sharing, data governance and privacy issues; as well as discuss efforts for integration, coordination and harmonisation of multiple data sources to ensure provision of reliable and relevant statistics and information.

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- Using Big Data