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For further information on the submission requirements and procedures for submission of abstracts/slides, kindly contact the Scientific Paper Committee at mystats.sp@dosm.gov.my. For other queries regarding MyStats 2021, kindly contact mystats.sec@dosm.gov.my or the following officers:

MyStats 2021 Committee Email
  Secretariat mystats.sec@dosm.gov.my
  Ms. Sabrina Sabri sabrina.sabri@dosm.gov.my
  Scientific Paper mystats.sp@dosm.gov.my
  Ms. Veronica S. Jamilat veronica@dosm.gov.my
  Ms. Siti Rahmah Seh Omar rahmah.sehomar@dosm.gov.my
  Registration mystats.sec@dosm.gov.my
  Ms. Fariza Kambut farizakambut@dosm.gov.my