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Report of Special Survey on Effects of COVID-19 on Economy & Individual - Round 2

Summary Findings of Special Survey ‘Effects of Covid-19 on the Economy and Individual’- Round 2

This report provides a summary of findings Special Survey ‘Effect of Covid-19 on the Economy and Individual' - Round 2, was conducted online by the Department of Statistics, Malaysia for the period 10 - 24 April 2020. This survey consists of 4 modules and 36 questions. A total of 41,386 respondents aged 15 years and above has participated in this survey. The analysis presented are based on respondent’s feedback that includes qualitative personal opinion on economics, employment, life style and education.


The presented analysis are based on respondents who participated in this survey and cannot be generalised to represent the views of all Malaysians. It should be interpreted with caution to assess the impact of Covid-19 in Malaysia and not as official statistics. However, it can be used to support in reflecting the current situation. DOSM is not responsible for any implications of using the statistics.

The complete findings are shown in the report:

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