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Parallel Session

Malaysia have come to endemic phase since 1st April 2022, in which we have been waiting for after two years of conducting conferences, meetings and seminars via the virtual environment. This year, the 9th edition of MyStats 2022 conference on 5th October 2022 is the ideal time for us to gather as a platform to present your ideas, contribute new knowledge to the field, keep pace with the constantly changing world and strengthen professional networks.

This year, we bring up ‘Dealing with Uncertainties: Unearthing Measures for Recovery’ as a main theme and there will be two parallel oral presentations which consist of four engaging sub-themes:    

  1. Emerging Data Needs Due to the Evolving Financial Landscape;  
  2. Environmental Uncertainties: Statistical Modelling & Analysis;    
  3. Business Uncertainties: Risk Assessment and Optimization; and
  4. Transition of Employment and Economic Structure from Pandemic to Recovery.

MyStats 2022 Parallel Session offers 12 oral and 18 poster presentations will discuss intuitively and dynamically the theme.

Mark your calendar!

Stay fit and join us at MyStats 2022.



Download Parallel Session poster here