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 New Frontier In Statistics
1.  Ms. Zakiah Jaafar, EPU
 Malaysia: Changing Needs of Statistics Towards Becoming an Advanced Nation
 Fulfilling Statistical Needs Of Digital Citizens
2.  Ms. Tan Bee Bee, DOSM
 Advancement of Data Transmission through METS
3.  Dr. Juita Mohamad, ISIS
 Trade Liberalization through the Skill-biased Technical Change Channel and Wage Inequality in Malaysia's Manufacturing Sector
4.  Ms. Sherly George, MMU
 Synergising GST rate with Direct Tax Rate in sustaining economic growth in Malaysia: Is There A Laffer Curve?
 Evolution In Data And Information Capturing
5.  Mr. Sabri Omar, DOSM
 Development of ICT in Garnering Statistics
6.  Mr. Mohd Jalallul Alam @ Jasni Zain Bin Mohd Isa, MDeC
 DESA : Growing the Digital Economy from a National Perspective
7.  Dr. Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad, UTeM
 A Fuzzy Approach to Enhance Uncertain Post Flood Damage Assessment for Quality Risk Analysis
8.  Dr. Wan Zawiah Wan Zin, UKM
 Malaysian Household Consumption Expenditure: Rural vs Urban
 Open Data To Maximise Usage And Value Of Statistics
9.  Ms. Siti Haslinda Mohd Din, DOSM
 Open Data and Challenges Faced by National Statistics Office
10.  Professor Dr. Maman Abdurachman Djauhari, UPM
 Multivariate Time Series Similarity-Based Complex Network In Stocks Market Analysis: Case of NYSE During Global Crisis 2008
11.  Miss Koay Ying Yin, UTAR
 Perceived Happiness and Self-rated health: The Twins? A Bivariate Ordered Probit Models Analysis using World Value Survey
12.  Dr. Chan Kok Thim, MMU
 Prediction of Bursa Malaysia Stock Index Testing for Accuracy using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average and Artificial Neural Network
 Statistical Methodology & Application
13.  Mr. Abdul Latib Talib, DOSM
 The Cyclical Extraction Method and the Causality Model in Business Cycle Analyses: Do they complement or clash to one another?
14.  Professor Dr. Habshah Midi, UPM
 Robust GM - Estimator for Linear Model in the Presence of High Leverage Collinearity Influential Observations
15.  Mr. Alfadino Akbar, UPM
 Explorative Analysis and Visual Representations of Islamic Capital Markets Using Extreme Value Dependence Measures
16.  Dr. Goh Soo Khoon, USM
 Bootstrap Autoregressive Distributed Lag Test: A New Cointegration Test
17.  Dr. Nor Afzalina Azmee, UPSI
 Inflation of a Type II Error Rate in Three-Arm Non-Inferiority Trials
18.  Dr. Thulasyammal Ramiah Pillai, Taylor's College
 Generalized autoregressive moving average: An application to GDP in Malaysia
19.  Dr. Siti Azirah Asmal, UTeM
 A Survey on Users Perceptions of Electric Vehicles for Mobility in a Malaysian University
20.  Dr. Nurulkamal Masseran, UKM
 Application of mixtures of von Mises-Fisher model to investigate the statistical characteristics of the wind direction data
21.  Mr. Wan Mohd Ashraf Afthanorhan, UMT
 Academic Achievement on Student Motivation: Latent Class Analysis across Gender Group
22.  Dr. Nor Azah Samat, UPSI
 Chikungunya Disease Mapping in Malaysia: an Analysis based on SMR Method, Poisson-gamma Model, SIR-SI Model 1 and SIR-SI Model 2
23.  Miss Erni Tanius, UNISEL
 Defect Identification: Application of Statistical Process Control in Production Line
 Big Data Analytics
24.  Ms. Rakhisah Mat Zin, Oracle
 Capture, Organize and Analyze Big Data for Research Enterprise
25.  Dr. Bharat Bhushan Verma, UUM
 Model Airtime Transfer Behavior Using Wavelet Transform in Malaysian Telecom Market
26.  Ms. Iffah Atqa, STIS 54 Economic Division, Jakarta, Indonesia
 Pattern of Leverage Regions