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Seiring Visi dan Misi

Watch the following official video in Bahasa Malaysia which gives an overview of the importance of STATISTICS. It is in line with its lyrics which narrate the continuous efforts of STATISTICS cultivating in daily life towards the development of the country and the well -being of the people.




Jabatan Perangkaan agensi utama,
Jana maklumat tepat dan cepat,
Mentafsir perangkaan untuk perancangan,
Penyebaran statistik teruskan ditingkatkan,
Analisis maklumat sentiasa dibudayakan,
Merealisasi wawasan negara

Tenaga kerja terlatih dan cekap,
Seiring sejalan visi dan misi,
Tanggungjawab ikhlas dan mesra,
Keperluan pelanggan sentiasa dihayati,
Yakinkan pengguna jayakan sosio ekonomi,
Maju Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia




Statistics Bloom In Harmony

International video clip 'Statistics Bloom In Harmony'

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for an astounding supports to Malaysia in organising the 62nd International Statistical Institute World Statistics Congress (ISI WSC) 2019 on 18 - 23 August 2019.  As a historic first, the National Organising Committee of ISI WSC 2019 has composed a special song entitled “Statistics Bloom in Harmony” which has been performed by the Malaysian songbird, Adibah Noor. The lyrics of the song summarise the importance of statistics in binding a nation.  Malaysia would like to dedicate this song for the global community as an instrument to enhance the statistical literacy and further strengthen the statistical networking. Considering the world statistical community aspirations and Agenda 2030 where better policies demand better data for better lives, we have produced a stunning international video clip “Statistics Bloom in Harmony”.

Please feel free to download / watch:

   MP4 version (296MB)  /  Watch Now  

   Mobile Version (32MB) 

  Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad officiates 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019 

Lyrics “Statistics Bloom in Harmony”

Doesn’t matter far or near
Strength in numbers
we don’t live in fear

Birds of feather flock together
Statistics our form of adour
We, will always live it up

So let us live in solidarity
And in the world arena we’ll succeed
It is statistics that will come to be
The reason we will bloom in harmony


Everybody undivided
Data’s where our hearts reside in
There will always be a bind

Just like fire that ignites
That’s how brightly lit our dreams are
We’ll reach higher than the stars

Sending love to one another
Leaving no one in a slumber
We will stand with unity

Mustering our courage while
Embracing our disparities
We’ll achieve our victory

One dream with unity
One love with harmony