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About mySMS

mySMS is a service provided to facilitate users in obtaining latest data and information from Department of Statistics. Data on Population, Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index, Trade, Labour Force, Index of Industrial Production and Monthly Manufacturing Statistics are available. Other than that, addresses of Department of Statistics Headquarters and State Offices are also available through this service.

To obtain data and addresses, users need to key-in STATS DATA and send to 15888. Users will be charged RM0.15 and subsequently an additional RM0.20 will be charged upon receipt of the data or address.

How to obtain data using mySMS service
a. To view data offered by mySMS services, please see example as below:

Step 1: Type STATS DATA                                       
Step 2: Send to 15888









b. You will receive the menu as shown below:










1 alamat
2 pnduduk
3 kdnk
4 hrg pguna
5 prdagangan
6 gtenaga
7 pngeluarn prindustrian
8 pm



c. To request for data(example, industrial production index):

Step 1: Type stats 7
Step 2: Send to 15888

d. You will receive latest data for industrial production index as shown below:

pngluaran prindustrian
apr 09/08
kseluruhan: - 11.4%
plombongan : - 2.9%
pmbuatan : -15.7%
elktrk : -2.9%

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Abbreviation used:-


pnduduk  Population
kdnk  Gross Domestic Product
hrg pguna Consumer Price
prdagangan  Trade
gtenaga  Labour Force
pngeluarn prindustrian Industrial Production
pmbuatan  Manufacturing
hq  Headquarters
jhr  Johore
kdh  Kedah
kel  Kelantan
mel  Malacca
ns  Negeri Sembilan
phg  Pahang
png Penang
prk  Perak
prs  Perlis
sel  Selangor
trg  Terengganu
sbh  Sabah
swk  Sarawak
kl  Kuala Lumpur