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2761 Study: Government data exists, but Putrajaya mostly keeps it locked away Malay Mail Online 25-05-2017
2762 Iskandar Malaysia’s best performing areas of 2016 THE EDGE MARKETS 03-05-2017
2763 Job growth down, unemployment up, says government report FMT NEWS 03-05-2017
2764 The State of the Nation: Restoring growth amid rising costs THE EDGE MARKETS 03-05-2017
2765 Foreign-led buying pushes Bursa Malaysia to end at one-year high The Sun Daily 03-05-2017
2766 Construction, banking stocks still have legs to run - analysts THE EDGE MARKETS 03-05-2017
2767 Kerjasama Melaka-China rancakkan ekonomi Utusan Online 21-04-2017
2768 Bank Negara Malaysia to look through inflation surge, likely to hold key policy rate at 3 percent ECONOTIMES 21-04-2017
2769 Big data in healthcare: What we (need to) know Malay Mail Online 21-04-2017
2770 Ringgit opens lower against US dollar NEW STRAITS TIMES ONLINE 21-04-2017
2771 Remove price controls on agricultural products, think tank tells govt FMT NEWS 23-02-2017
2772 Malaysia’s consumer confidence seen to be weak - Nielsen The Star Online 20-02-2017
2773 Mohd Uzir appointed Chief Statistician Daily Express 16-02-2017
2774 Mohd Uzir Appointed Chief Statistician Malaysia BERNAMA 15-02-2017
2775 Mohd Uzir Dilantik Sebagai Ketua Perangkawan Baharu BERNAMA 15-02-2017
2776 Mohd Uzir Ketua Perangkawan baharu Malaysia Gazzete 15-02-2017
2777 Ketua Perangkawan Malaysia Bersara BERNAMA 08-02-2017
2778 Malaysia Akan Jadi Tuan Rumah Kongres Statistik Pada 2019 BERNAMA 14-11-2016
2779 Malaysia to host ISI World Statistics Congress 2019 NEW STRAITS TIMES ONLINE 14-11-2016
2780 Malaysia tuan rumah ISI-WSC ke-62 Malaysia Gazzete 14-11-2016