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Glossary A-Z

housing unit

A housing unit is a separate and independent  place of abode intended for habitation by one household. Although intended for habitation by one household, a housing unit  may at the time of census, be occupied by more than one household. Housing units are  classified into the following main types:
a) Detached
b) Semi-detached
c) Terrace/link
d) Cluster
e) Townhouse
f) Shophouse/office
g) Flat
h) Apartment
i) Condominium
j) Longhouse
k) Improvised/temporary hut
l) Room
m) Others


Source : Population and Demography
Source Detail : Population and Housing Census of Malaysia, Characteristics of Living Quarters
human settlements

Integrative concept that comprises (a) physical components of shelter and infrastructure and (b) services to which the physical elements provide support, that is to say, community services such as education, health, culture, welfare, recreation and nutrition.

Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Enviroment Statistics