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status informal employment

Status in employment

Status in employment refers to the position or status of an employed person within the establishment or organisation for which he/she worked. Employed persons are classified according to the following employment status:
(i) Employer
A person who operates a business, a plantation or other trade and employs one or more workers to help him.
(ii) Employee
A person who works for private employer and receives regular remuneration in wages, salary, commission, tips or payment in kind.
(iii) Own account worker
A person who operates his own farm, business or trade without employing any paid workers in the conduct of his farm, trade or business.
(iv) Unpaid family worker
A person who work without pay or wages on a farm, business or trade operated by another member of the family.

Source : Social Indicators
Source Detail : Informal Sector Workforce Survey Report

Refer to births after 28 completed weeks or more of gestation without any sign of life during delivery.

Source : Population and Demography
Source Detail : Vital Statistics, Malaysia, 2017
Description 1

This item refers to the book value of stocks owned by the establishment and comprises merchandise, raw materials, parts and accessories for rendering services to others.

Source : Services
Source Detail : Information And Communications Technology Services Statistics
Description 2

This refers to stocks of rubber owned by establishments regardless where it is located i.e. inside or outside the factory. They include stocks of unprocessed/in process/ processed rubber.

Source : Agriculture
Source Detail : Annual Rubber Statistics
Stratosphere is the layer of the atmosphere about 10 and 50 kilometres above the earth`s surface within which temperatures rise with altitude.
Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Enviroment Statistics
stratospheric ozone
Also called  ozone layer, is formed in the stratosphere from the conversion of oxygen molecules by solar radiation.  Ozone absorbs much of the harmful ultra violet radiation and prevents it from reaching the earth
Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Enviroment Statistics

The classification of areas by stratum is as follows:

     Strata                       Number of Population
(i) Metropolitan-             75,000 and over
(ii) Urban large-             10,000 to 74,999
(iii) Urban small-            1,000 to 9,999
(iv) Rural-                       All other areas

Source : Social Indicators
Source Detail : Labour Force Survey Report

Subsidies are current unrequited payments that government units, including non- resident government units, make to enterprises on the basis of the levels of their production activities or the quantities or values of the goods or services which they produce, sell or import.

Source : National Accounts
Source Detail : Gross Domestics Product (GDP)

Air quality monitoring stations located in the suburban areas.

Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Environment Statistics
sulphur dioxide (SO2)

Heavy, pungent, colourless gas formed primarily by the combustion of fossil fuels. It is harmful to human beings and vegetation and contributes to the acidity in precipitation.

Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Environment Statistics
Supra State covers production activities that beyond the centre of predominant economic interest for any state
Source : National Accounts
Source Detail : KDNK by State