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Glossary A-Z


Aquaculture refer to the production process involving the culturing or farming (including harvesting) of aquatic organisms (fish, molluscs, crustaceans, plant) using techniques designed to increase the production of the organism beyond the natural capacity of the environment.

Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Enviroment Statistics
Underground geologic formation or group of formations, containing groundwater that can supply wells and springs.
Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Enviroment Statistics
architectural services

Architectural Services:
Refers to the provision of architectural services on a fee or contract basis. These services must be provided by establishments operated by persons registered under Section (A) of the Register of Architects and Section (B) of the Register of Building Draughtsman maintained by the Board of Architects under the provisions of the Architects Act, 1967 (Revised 1973). Architectural consulting activities which concerns building design and drafting and often supervision of construction, town and city planning and landscape architecture.

Source : Services
Source Detail : Services Statistics, Professional
Description 1

Assets are entities that must be owned by some unit, or units, and from which economic benefits are derived by their owner(s) by holding or using them over a period of time.

Source : National Accounts
Source Detail : National Accounts Capital Stock Statistics
Description 2

Assets covered all goods, new or used, tangible or intangible that have a normal economic life span of more than one year. Included were land, buildings and structure; transport equipment; computer and peripheral equipment; other machinery; equipment and furniture and fittings. Value of assets as at the beginning and end of 2000 was based on net book value. Purchases, alterations and major repair or capital expenditure during the year were valued at actual coasts incurred. Value of assets sold during the year referred. Value of assets sold during the year reffered to the realised value. 

Source : Services
Source Detail : Information And Communication Technology

Mass of air surrounding the earth, composed  largely of oxygen and nitrogen.

Source : Environment
Source Detail : Compendium of Environment Statistics
average annual population growth rate

The average annual growth rate was calculated as:-

                   r = (1/n In P n/P o) x 100

 r           =  the average annual population growth rate
 n          =  the exact number of years between P o and P n
 P o       =  the population at the initial year 
 P n       =  the population at the later year 
 ln          =  the natural logarithm

Source : Population and Demography
Source Detail : Population and Housing Census of Malaysia, Population Distribution and Basic Demographic Characteristics