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In 2017, Fixed Assets of Manufacturing was RM335.7 billion
In 2017 there were 2,214,883 employees in Manufacturing
The value of gross output rose 5.7 per cent per annum to RM1,275.8 billion in 2017

Monthly Manufacturing Statistics Malaysia, November 2022

Release Date : Wednesday 11, January 2023 1200



Malaysia's Manufacturing sales value continued its double-digit growth by registering 11.8 per cent to record RM159.2 billion in November 2022


Malaysia’s Manufacturing sales value continued its double-digit growth by registering 11.8 per cent to record RM159.2 billion in November 2022. The continuous double-digit growth in sales value for November 2022 was largely driven by the Electrical & Electronics Products subsector (19.0%) particularly in the Manufacture of computer, electronic & optical products industries. The expansion of sales value was also contributed by the Petroleum, Chemical, Rubber & Plastic Products (15.0%) underpinned by the Manufacture of coke & refined petroleum products industries.

The sales value of export-oriented industries which contributed more than two-thirds or 72.9 per cent of total sales, remained on a steady pace with 13.6 per cent growth in November 2022 (October 2022: 16.1%). On the other hand, sales value of domestic-oriented industries improved to 7.1 per cent, as compared to 4.7 per cent growth registered in the previous month.

The total employees engaged in the Manufacturing sector accounted for 2.33 million persons in November 2022, which went up by 3.3 per cent as compared to a year ago (November 2021: 2.25 million persons). The increment was contributed by the Electrical & Electronic Products (5.4%); Food, Beverages & Tobacco Products (4.3%); and Petroleum, Chemical, Rubber and Plastic Products (2.4%) subsectors. In tandem with the increase in number of employees, the salaries & wages paid in this sector grew by 4.7 per cent, amounting to RM7.89 billion.

The sales value per employee rose by 8.2 per cent to record RM68,380 as compared to the same month in 2021, while the average salaries & wages per employee was RM3,389.

From January to November 2022, the sales value of the Manufacturing sector soared 16.6 per cent to RM1,644.4 billion as compared to the same period in 2021. The number of employees went up by 3.3 per cent to record a total of 2.33 million persons with salaries & wages expanded by 5.2 per cent to RM86.0 billion. During the period, sales value per employee amounted to RM706,339 with a growth of 12.8 per cent year-on-year.


The full publication of the Monthly Manufacturing Statistics, November 2022 can be downloaded through eStatistik portal.


             Data for November 2022 is provisional. The data will be updated based on the latest available figures and subsequently published in the December 2022 publication.


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11 January 2023

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