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Malaysian Economic Indicators: Leading, Coincident & Lagging Indexes November 2022

Release Date : Friday 20, January 2023 1200


Malaysia’s Leading Index remains moderate by recording 110.5 points in November 2022

Malaysia's Leading Index (LI) decreased 0.4 per cent to 110.5 points in November 2022 when compared to 110.9 points in November 2021. This decrease was due to Real Money Supply, M1, Bursa Malaysia Industrial Index, Number of Housing Units Approved, Expected Sales Value, Manufacturing and Number of New Companies Registered. On the other hand, LI’s monthly performance recorded an increase of 0.8 per cent in November 2022 compared to a negative 0.3 per cent in the previous month. This trend was driven by the Expected Sales Value, Manufacturing (0.3%), Real Imports of Other Basic Precious & Other Non-ferrous Metals (0.3%), Number of New Companies Registered (0.2%), Real Imports of Semi Conductors (0.1%) and Real Money Supply, M1 (0.05%).

Looking at the smoothed long-term trend in November 2022, LI remains trending below the trend of 100.0 points. Accordingly, the Malaysian economy is expected to moderate in the months ahead in 2023, despite the risk of a global economic slowdown.

 As for the current economic position, the Coincident Index (CI) recorded an increase of 5.5 per cent year-on-year to 120.6 points in November 2022 (November 2021: 114.3 points). The monthly change of CI also recorded an increase of 0.1 per cent supported by the Industrial Production Index (0.2%), Real Salaries & Wages, Manufacturing (0.1%), Total Employment, Manufacturing (0.04%) and Real Contributions, EPF (0.02%).

The Diffusion Index for LI shows an increased in November 2022 to 28.6 per cent compared to 14.3 per cent in October 2022. The Diffusion Index for IS also recorded an increase to 50.0 per cent.

The complete indicators on Leading, Coincident and Lagging Indexes are shown in the following Table 4   .

The full publication of the Malaysian Economic Indicators: Leading, Coincident & Lagging Indexes, November 2022 can be downloaded through eStatistik Portal.


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20 January 2023


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