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Marriage and Divorce Statistics, Malaysia, 2021

Release Date : Friday 03, December 2021 1200


Number of marriages and Crude Marriage Rate (CMR)

The number of marriages decreased 9.4 per cent from 203,661 (2019) to 184,589 (2020). Thus, CMR declined from 6.3 (2019) to 5.7 (2020) per thousand population. The number of marriages are affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and many couples have to put their wedding on hold following the Movement Control Order (MCO) implementation. During MCO, the solemnization is carried out via online and subject to permission from the National Registration Department and the State Islamic Religious Department.

The number of Muslim marriages recorded in 2020 was 145,202, decreased 1.8 per cent as compared to 147,847 (2019). CMR decreased from 7.4 (2019) to 7.3 (2020) per thousand Muslim population. Similarly, Non-Muslim marriages declined 29.4 per cent from 55,814 (2019) to 39,387 (2020). Thus, CMR declined from 4.4 (2019) to 3.1 (2020) per thousand Non-Muslim population.

Median age at marriage

The median age of grooms remained at aged 28.0. Meanwhile, the median age for brides decreased from 27.0 years to 26.0 years. The median age of grooms and brides for Muslim and Non-Muslim remained unchanged.


Number of divorces and Crude Divorce Rate (CDR)

The number of divorces decreased 19.2 per cent from 56,624 (2019) to 45,754 (2020). Thus, CDR decreased from 1.7 (2019) to 1.4 (2020) per thousand population.

The number of Muslim divorces recorded in 2020 was 37,853, decreased 16.8 per cent as compared to 45,502 (2019). CDR decreased from 2.3 (2019) to 1.9 (2020) per thousand Muslim population.  Similarly, Non-Muslim divorces decreased 29.0 per cent from 11,122 (2019) to 7,901 (2020). Therefore, CDR for Non-Muslim decreased from 0.9 (2019) to 0.6 (2020) per thousand Non-Muslim population.

Median age at divorce

The median age at divorce for males and females remained at 37.0 and 34.0 years respectively. A similar pattern was also observed for Muslim and Non-Muslim divorcees.


The full publication of the Marriage And Divorce, Malaysia, 2021 can be downloaded from  eStatistik   portal.




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03 December 2021

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