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2017, gross output in Real Estate Services sector was RM32.8 bil.
2017, number of workers in Accommodation sector was 139,410 persons
Total revenue for wholesale and retail trade sector was RM1,321.7 billion in 2018

Wholesale & Retail Trade Census 2019 by State

Release Date : Monday 27, July 2020 1200


In 2018, the number of establishments for Wholesale & retail trade sector in Malaysia recorded 469,024 as compared to 370,725 establishments in 2013 with an annual  growth of  4.8 per cent. Small &  Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contributed 98.5 per cent to total  establishments as compared to 98.9 per cent in 2013. Meanwhile, total sales value of goods & services increased to RM1,270.8 billion as compared to RM841.6 billion in 2013 with an annual growth of 9.4 per cent.

W.P. Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor posted the highest number of establishments with 212,820 collectively, grew 5.7 per cent from 161,285 establishments in 2013. These states generated a sales value of RM866.3 billion, contributed 68.2 per cent to the total sales.

Top two districts which recorded  the  highest  number  of  establishments  and  sales  value  were Petaling and  Johor Bahru. Petaling posted 40,018 establishments (2013: 30,332 establishments), rose 5.7 per cent per annum; sales value amounted to RM230.6 billion (2013: RM156.1 billion), increased 8.1 per cent. Johor Bahru recorded 18,783 establishments (2013:13,802 establishments) with an annual growth of 6.4 per cent. In terms of sales value, Johor Bahru registered RM42.3 billion (2013: RM30.1 billion) with a growth of 7.1 per cent.


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27 July 2020


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